Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dog Rescue

Why is it so hard to do the things we really love and commit to right actions? I have always loved animals, and I will adopt a needy dog or cat far too easily, or try to find a good home for it. I wanted to volunteer at the animal rescue shelter, but I realized the danger in that. I already have enough animals to be responsible for, and I would want to bring home every sweet thing I saw. I am afraid I could become one of those strange cat ladies, so I have to be careful. If I see a stray dog walking along a street while I am driving, my first instinct is to stop and take it home with me. I want to DO something to help needy animals, but I am having trouble finding the avenue for that action.


When I got home from work on Tuesday night, I noticed several calls from my son Adam. He lives around the block from me, and I wondered what was up since he didn't leave a message. I called him, only to find out that he had found a stray dog running the street when he got home from work that night. He was worried because the dog seemed lethargic. I mentioned that it had been 90 degrees all day with 1000% humidity--who wouldn't be lethargic after running around in that all day.

Adam said he would consider keeping this dog as his pet, but he was immediately concerned about his health. I told him to bring the dog over and I would check him out to determine if he needed emergency vet care. We came up with the name Gizmo when I said the little guy looked like a Gremlin with his pointy ears and big, bulging eyes. He is about a 4 pound chihuahua with skinny little legs and a barrel-like torso. Poor thing had toenails that had not been trimmed in ages--they were curling around and back into his pads in places. He was infested with fleas, and his teeth were awful, covered in yellow-brown tartar. First up was a flea bath--I did not want fleas in my house. Next we called brother Matt to bring over his toenail clippers. Adam held the little guy while Matt cut his nails--those he could get to. A few of them were curled into the pads. Poor Gizmo screamed as his nails were trimmed, and really let out some awful sounds when Matt tried to get at the embedded nails. Still, he could now walk much better. No fleas and the ability to walk made this a happy dog.

I told Adam I would try to get Gizmo into my vet the next day; since Adam was working all day Wednesday, I kept the little guy overnight. Wednesday I went out to buy him some soft food because he was unable to chew the kibble I had. I found him a cute collar, too. Once he had a good night's sleep, a belly full of food, some healthy bowel movements and some loving attention, this was a new dog.

Gizmo will go to the vet next week. My friend Sheri came over to work on the embedded nails, and she got them clipped. Sheri is a miracle worker for animals. Gizmo is back at Adam's apartment. We'll see how this goes for the next week.

I want to do more with my time to help animals. I don't have much money to give, but I do have time and physical strength, so I need to find a way to help. Any ideas out there?


  1. You and I are exactly alike! We want to take in every needy animal we see, but that isn't possible in our situation. However, even if you're hesitant to volunteer at a shelter, you can work with them or another rescue organization in placing animals, coordinating adoption events, etc. Your organization skills are awesome (a good side effect of a teaching career lol) so I think you'd be great at something like this. I've got more ideas I can send via FB if you'd like.

  2. Georgianne, you are such a smart girl. Yes, let me know you ideas.

  3. Update on Gizmo: owner lives across the street from Adam; obviously does not take very good care of the dog, but he saw Adam with the dog out front and accused him of stealing the poor thing. Gizmo (Hector) is back with his owner. Too bad. We will be watching to make sure Giz is OK.