Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cat Invasion

I’m Just a Woman Who Can’t Say No—July 17, 2010

Last Saturday I was working at the Farmers’ Market—no, I’m not a farmer. My church has a booth there which serves as a fundraiser for some of our outreach programs both locally and in Navajoland. I volunteered to work the booth, and I baked some cupcakes to sell there. I was working there with a wonderful woman who does so much for the church every day and who has a spirit of joy and love. That tends to rub off on me.

She mentioned that a woman had come into the church office the past week looking for someone to adopt a cat. My ears perked up. Ever since I lost my GoGo kitty I have felt a great loss—he was such a fine, sweet kitten. I listened carefully to the description of this cat; he was about five years old, extremely friendly, an indoor and outdoor cat who needed a safe home. This woman had rescued him from the streets, but she has a neighbor who hates cats and wants to kill the cats who roam their neighborhood. This cat does like to roam apparently.

Do I really need another animal to take care of? No. But I am such an easy mark. I could easily be one of those old women who has sixty cats and twenty dogs, and you would read about me in the paper when I die and the health department breaks down the door of my house to find the mess I’ve left behind.

Monday I got a call from the woman who had the cat. I only showed a bit of interest, but Lee knew she had a mark and passed on my number to this woman. I love this lady’s spirit—she is seventy-one years old, has three cats that are her house cats, but she takes care of three other feral cats in the neighborhood. “Ditto” is the cat she was trying to find a home for—Ditto because he looks just like another of her cats. Ditto stays outside most of the time, but he is extremely affectionate and knows how to behave in a house.

I don’t need another animal, not really. I love my dog and my cat, so why am I even showing interest? I am crazy, that’s it. I do get so much joy from these animals. I get hugs, sort of, and love and attention. Since I live alone, affection is a rare commodity, so why not add little more love to my life? My cat sits on my lap and purrs as I rub his ears and neck, which in turn makes me feel pretty good because I am providing him with love and attention. Isn’t that what we all want—a little love and attention?

So the new cat is trying to adjust to a dog—he is terrified, justifiably, of a dog. A street cat knows that a dog is dangerous, but this guy doesn’t know Lucky. They will have to work this out. As I write, the two cats have not yet met. I am sure Happy cat will not be happy as he adjusts to the new guy in town. It is going to be fun around here for the next few weeks.

July 18, 2010

I forgot about the neighbors' kittens!!!! Their cat had four babies. I told them I would take one if they could not find homes for all of them. Yesterday as I was out back weeding a bit--a very little bit, mind you--the neighbor came out and said, "Are you ready for your kitten?" I told him that I had just taken in an older cat, so why not add to the fun. A new cat and a new kitten to get used to the old cat and the dog.

Once upon a time, Happy Cat and Lucky Dog were so content napping on Karen's bed. Then along came "Ditto" (but now answering to "Buddy"--he comes out of hiding when I sing "My Buddy") the street cat. Buddy is still hanging out in the bathroom most of the time, but he is now trying to rule the roost, hissing at everyone except me. Just as Happy and Lucky were adjusting to the new guy, here comes Karen in the back door with a little fur ball of cuteness. The new boy is nameless so far, although Peanut is a useful handle for now. The neighbors called him Cab, short for Cabernet, but I am not fond of that. Cab Calloway and Buddy Guy for the two new ones is OK, but Cab just doesn't work for me, not sure why. I don't think he cares what I call him. Since he does not respond to Cab, I am in the market for cat names. Please send suggestions.

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